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Frequently Asked Questions –

Oct 25, 2017 The Service Area PUF contains data about the service area including counties
and zip codes covered by each … example, you can link 2017 to 2018 data for
the majority of plans using the Plan ID as the unique … How can I connect rating
areas in the PUFs with corresponding county FIPs codes? A11.

2018 QHP Instructions Version1_with New … –

Apr 13, 2017 county, and ZIP code;. 5. A list of ECPs in each of the proposed networks,
including provider name, NPI, ECP category, street address of location providing
services, city, state, county, zip code, number of contracted providers, and
associated issuer network IDs;. 6. An ECP Write-in Worksheet (as applicable);.

Service Area Data Dictionary –

issuer-level data on geographic service areas including state, county, and zip
code. These data … and zip codes associated with an issuer's service area ID.
The SA-PUF is available for plan years 2014 through 2018. 2. Variable Attributes.
Variable Name: BusinessYear …. Standards (FIPS) code assigned to the county …

Overview of the 2017 High Opportunity Areas File Synopsis The …

which are based on ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA),4 and nonmetropolitan
DDAs, which are based on county or county equivalent. The Duty to Serve
regulation requires that a HUD-designated DDA have a poverty rate that is less
than the poverty rate level established in the Evaluation Guidance in order for the
DDA to.

Filing instructions guide for HMDA data collected in 2017

The agency with which you file your HMDA data: Financial institutions will file
HMDA data collected in or after 2017 with the CFPB beginning. January 1, 2018.
….. State Code. Alphanumeric. FIPS code or NA. Example: 06. 16. County Code.
Alphanumeric. FIPS code or NA. Example: 113. 17. Census Tract. Alphanumeric.

Filing instructions guide for HMDA data collected in 2018

2018 Data. Specifications; and. 5. 2018 Edit. Specifications. 2. Section 3.4, Table
1. Updated example for Contact Person's Office ZIP. Code. 3. Section 3.4, Table 1
; Section 3.4, Table 2;. Section 4.2.1; and Section 4.2.2. Updated examples for
LEI and ULI. 4. Section 3.4, Table 2, and Section 4.2.2. Updated example for
Loan …

DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Fed/State MeF Corporate, S …

Sep 27, 2017 DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE. Fed/State MeF Corporate, S Corporate &
Partnership Tax. Electronic Filing Guidelines & Information for. Software
Developers. TY 2017/PY 2018 ….. Country Codes/ State Abbreviations/Zip Codes
. …… We will be following the FIPS codes for the Georgia counties:.

2010 Census – Census Tract Reference Map –

Dec 12, 2010 Where state, county, and/or MCD boundaries coincide, the map shows the
boundary symbol for only the highest-ranking of these boundaries. 1 A ' ° '
following an MCD name denotes a false MCD. A ' ° ' following a place name
indicates that a false MCD exists with the same name and FIPS code as the …


Jul 14, 2015 This file contains all existing plants that serve as sister plants in siting generic
units. The data include. NEEDS v.5.14 plant's state FIPS code, county FIPS code,
county's most recent 8 hour ozone or PM2.5 attainment/non-attainment status,
ORIS code, latitude-longitude coordinates, and zip code. EPA.

BRFSS English Questionnaire 2016 – Centers for Disease Control …

Oct 14, 2015 OMB No. 0920-1061. Exp. Date 3/31/2018. Public reporting burden of this ….. In
what county do you currently live? (160-162). _ _ _ ANSI County Code (formerly
FIPS county code). 7 7 7 Don't know / Not sure. 9 9 9 Refused. 8.10. What is the
ZIP Code where you currently live? (163-167). _ _ _ _ _. ZIP Code.

Medallion 4.0 RFP 2017-03 – DMAS – Commonwealth of Virginia

Jul 17, 2017 DMAS will implement the new MEDALLION 4.0 Program on a regional basis
beginning in August 2018. … Regions are “all or nothing” and no individual FIPS
codes within a region may be … Code of Virginia, § 2.2-4343.1 or against a
bidder or Offeror because of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age …

2015 – Town of Boylston MA

Jul 1, 1984 508 / 774. • FIPS code. 25-07525. • GNIS feature ID. 0619478. • Website www. Boylston, Massachusetts. County-level state agency heads ….
2020. SCHOOL COMMITTEE. Lorie Martiska. 2016. Lawrence Brenner. 2017.
Matthew Lozoraitis. 2018. Town of Boylston. 5. 2015 Annual Report …

Reportable HMDA Data – Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Instructions Guide and provides when to report not applicable, including the code
used for reporting not applicable from section 4 of the 2018 Filing Instructions ….
secure a loan) by state, county, and census tract. COUNTY. Enter the five digit
Federal Information Processing. Standards (FIPS) numerical code for the county.

National Boundaries Group – Federal Geographic Data Committee

Nov 8, 2016 Boundaries that delineate geographic areas for uses such as governance and
the general provision of services (e.g., States, American. Indian reservations,
counties, cities, towns, etc.), administration and/or for a specific purpose (e.g.,
Congressional Districts, school districts, fire districts, Alaska Native …

FY 2016 – HUD

Sep 30, 2017 City, State Zip Code. CPDF Code. (xxxx). FIPS Code. HUD. 451 7th Street, SW.
Washington, DC 20410. HU83. 11001. PART B – Total Employment … *Agency's
Human Capital Succession Plan 2015-2018. Yes … ODEEO, program goals and
objectives are integrated into HUD's Strategic Plan 2014-2018).

Data Processing Support System –

Jun 3, 2016 PIA Unique Identifier: P-9924063-864866. The subject of this PIA is which of the
following? Major Application. Identify the Enterprise Performance Lifecycle Phase
of the system. Operations and Maintenance. Is this a FISMA-Reportable system?
Yes. Does the system include a Website or online application …

(MD-715) – FY 2016 – National Science Foundation

Oct 1, 2015 3rd level reporting component. 1.c. 4th level reporting component. 2. Address. 2.
4201 Wilson Blvd. 3. City, State, Zip Code. 3. Arlington, VA 22230. 4. CPDF Code
. 5. FIPS code(s). 4. …. core values in NSF's 2014-. 2018 Strategic Plan,2 namely:
“Inclusiveness – seeking and embracing contributions from all.

Download/View the ECLS-K:2011 K-1 file record layout as a PDF …

CODE. 1. 2119 – 2123. 511. F3FIPSST. F3 SCHOOL FIPS STATE CODE. 1. 2124
– 2128. 512. F4FIPSST. F4 SCHOOL FIPS STATE CODE. 1. 2129 – 2133. 513.

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